Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Bossypants

BossypantsBossypants by Tina Fey

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Ok, I'll admit, I've never seen 30 Rock. However, I have been a fan of SNL since I was about eight years old. I had one of those cool moms that let me stay up every Saturday night and watch it with her (of course, if it got too raunchy or racy for a little kid she'd turn the channel and explain why certain jokes went too far). During high school, I loved Tina Fey on Weekend Update (one of the best parts of the show in my opinion), so naturally, I was interested when I learned she had a book out. I downloaded the audiobook and enjoyed it so much that I finished it in one day. I knew it was going to be funny and I wasn't disappointed at all. Listening to her memories is like sitting down with your favorite witty relative, her humor is so natural and engaging. She covers a wide range of topics from her childhood, romantic mishaps, her improv years, behind the scenes at SNL, 30 Rock, the Sarah Palin Impression, what it's like to be the boss and being a working mother. Whether you're a 30 Rock or SNL fan, curious what was going on in her mind during the Sarah Palin Impression, or just need a good laugh, Bossypants is a good read!

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  1. I loved the Audio of this!! I started my day by listening to her and it really made me smile and start the morning with a good laugh!



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