Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book to Movie: My Hunger Games reaction

"Happy Hunger Games" read the email from the pretend President Snow on the day before the movie's release.

Well, at the time, I wasn't so sure. I was worried I'd get "Star Wars: Episode I"-ified all over again.

But now, I'm glad I'm able to say that I couldn't ask for a better adaptation. Although the movie cut several scenes from the book, it did an excellent job, in my opinion, of capturing the overall feel of the story. Where the book tells, the movie shows. I feel, although I know I'm biased because I read the book years ago, that for the non-readers out there, it's not an adaption that will leave you completely lost.

More of my humble fan opinion:

I like the portrayals of Katniss, Prim, their mom (nameless?), their dad, Gale, Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, Rue, and the Capitol citizens in general, and Caesar Flickerman. I was surprised that Katniss and Prim's father had air time, although it was just a dream, I'm glad they included him.

When I first saw Woody Harrelson's Haymitch in Entertainment Weekly, I thought he looked a little too neat...the Haymitch in my mind is very disheveled. However, Woody really captured Haymitch's attitude. The tension between him and Lawrence was well done.

The music is awesome. I haven't bought the soundtrack and the score yet, but they're on my wishlist.

The movie added some extra scenes that were not in the book, but added to the story. Such as the outrage in District 11 and Haymitch watching Capitol children pretend to fight.

The beauty of the Appalachian forest made me miss the area I grew up. Move-over Forks, WA, let's have some Appalachian forest love! Seriously, I'd pay to go on a Hunger Games film tour if I had the money.

The architecture of the Capitol was spot on.

Katniss' costumes and dresses took my breath away. I have a feeling the movie may influence prom and formal wear this year.

The arena was just as I imagined it.

THE NICK-PICKY (on my part)

Oshie and I discussed this, and agreed, that President Snow and Cinna really stuck out, but not in a good way. They weren't flamboyant enough. Their style didn't really match the rest of the Capitol citizens. Nothing against the portrayals by Donald Sutherland and Lenny Kravitz (although my dream cast would have been David Bowie and Prince), but it left me wondering if this was done on purpose or if it was lack of wanting to by the actors? Theoretically (and I'm fangirlin' here) one could say that President Snow is from an older generation and doesn't care about fashion, and perhaps, Cinna is not originally from the Capitol and doesn't buy into their ways completely (which could explain his part in the rebellion...not a lot is known about his character...). But logically, a president would influence fashion (think how often the Obama's fashion sense is mentioned? Or Will and Kate?) and wouldn't a costume designer design interesting outfits for himself? Again, I'm over-fangirlin it here.

Katniss' singing voice wasn't up to the par I'd hoped for...I read that it was Jennifer Lawrence's voice, and while not terrible, it was just normal for a character who is repeatedly mentioned to have a great voice that could make the birds stop singing just like her father. I think they should have dubbed her over with Taylor Swift.

The dog muttations weren't as frighting/freaky as I imagined. I hope in the future, when Mockingjay Part 2 is released, that the lizard muttations are more terrifying.

But overall, I'm thankful there's not much to complain about :) How long until the DVD release?

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