Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, I finally got it read before the last movie comes out. While I enjoyed the other books in the series, this one had issues. The other books had their flaws, but this one ebb and flowed between what I wanted to read and boring. I'm kinda wary of people who are overly critical of's a TEEN ROMANCE people. If you didn't like, I feel like your probably not a frequent TEEN ROMANCE reader in the first place. If you mainly read YA and TEEN ROMANCE and still didn't enjoy it, then more power to you.

First off, much like the movies, I think this should have been broken into two books. Twilight book 4 should have ended after Bella hunted with Edward as a vampire for the first time. Then maybe Stephanie Meyer could have come up with more plot for Twilight book 5/part 2 whatever you want to call it. After Bella's transformation, I was bored. The bad guys Volturi come to town, I think there's going to be a cool fight, but after way too much dialogue everybody goes happy skippy on there own way.

But, my main issue is the Jacob/Renesmee pairing. In my reading experience it was the most forced pairing since Laurie and Amy from "Little Women". Way too convenient. I feel Meyer didn't want to deal with fully resolving the Jacob/Bella/Edward triangle, so she just stuck Jacob with the infant. Logically, I think Jacob should have ended up with Leah Clearwater, the female shapeshifter in his pack. They had a hate/love/loyalty relationship that could have bloomed into a good story. Also convenient reference to Jacob and Leah in the Bible for Meyer's Mormon connection. If Renesmee had to be imprinted to a werewolf, I think Seth Clearwater would have been a better choice. Hey, at least he was closer to her age.

So, overall, disappointed at the weird twists and the plot that ran out of steam. Maybe Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie will improve on the book.

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