Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (21)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme that was created by Breaking the Spine to spotlight a blogger's eagerly anticipated new books.

For this Waiting on Wednesday, I picked Blackmoore: A Proper Romance by Julianne Donaldson.

Release Date: Sept. 9, 2013

Book Summary: (from Goodreads) "Kate Worthington knows her heart and she knows she will never marry. Her plan is to travel to India instead—if only to find peace for her restless spirit and to escape the family she abhors. But Kate’s meddlesome mother has other plans. She makes a bargain with Kate: India, yes, but only after Kate has secured—and rejected—three marriage proposals.

Kate journeys to the stately manor of Blackmoore determined to fulfill her end of the bargain and enlists the help of her dearest childhood friend, Henry Delafield. But when it comes to matters of love, bargains are meaningless and plans are changeable. There on the wild lands of Blackmoore, Kate must face the truth that has kept her heart captive. Will the proposal she is determined to reject actually be the one thing that will set her heart free?

Set in Northern England in 1820, Blackmoore is a Regency romance that tells the story of a young woman struggling to learn how to follow her heart. It is Wuthering Heights meets Little Women with a delicious must-read twist."

My Thoughts: I first learned about Julianne Donaldson during Goodreads' 2012 Choice Awards. I was a little surprised that, with such good ratings and reviews, I hadn't come cross her debut novel "Edenbrooke" on my own. Afterwards, I bought a copy of Edenbrooke and was not disappointed by the hype. In Edenbrooke, Julianne Donaldson created one of the hottest clean romances I have ever read. The tension between her hero and heroine was amazing to me, even though there's next to no touching, kisses, etc. After such an amazing debut, I really feel she's an author to watch. I have eagerly been checking in to her Goodreads author page from time to time, and finally, I am excited to have a release date for her next novel. As a big fan of both Little Women and Wuthering Heights, this book will be one of my most anticipated reads of 2013. If it's half as romantic as Edenbrooke, it will be awesome.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Point Your Face At This by Demetri Martin

Point Your Face at This: DrawingsPoint Your Face at This: Drawings by Demetri Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date: March 19, 2013

Received via Netgalley.

I'm honestly, probably, a little bias because I already love Demetri Martin's comedy and I've watched all of the episodes of his show via Netflix. How to describe him? He's like a smart Napoleon Dynamite, Bob Dylan/Neil Young, hipster, nerd, with a dash of best friend who is bored and likes to doodle in class.

This book showcases more of his clever and witty drawings. They play a big part in his comedy. I don't know how he comes up with some of them. Some are laugh-out-loud hilarious, some are genius, some are both, some are shocking, a few are a miss. Four stars, because, although, it's great overall, I feel like his best material was used or saved for his shows.

Therefore, if you're not familiar with Demetri Martin, I recommend watching his show. If you're already a fan, you're already familiar with his comedy style, and you'll love this book.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (20)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme that was created by Breaking the Spine to spotlight a blogger's eagerly anticipated new books.

For this Waiting on Wednesday, I picked The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn.

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Book Summary: (From Goodreads) "Hugh Prentice has never had patience for dramatic females, and if Lady Sarah Pleinsworth has ever been acquainted with the words shy or retiring, she's long since tossed them out the window. Besides, a reckless duel has left this brilliant mathematician with a ruined leg, and now he could never court a woman like Sarah, much less dream of marrying her.

Sarah has never forgiven Hugh for the duel he fought that nearly destroyed her family. But even if she could find a way to forgive him, it wouldn't matter. She doesn't care that his leg is less than perfect, it's his personality she can't abide. But forced to spend a week in close company they discover that first impressions are not always reliable. And when one kiss leads to two, three, and four, the mathematician may lose count, and the lady may, for the first time, find herself speechless ...

New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn's enchanting third novel in the Smythe-Smith quartet is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings in equal measures."

My Thoughts: Previously in the Smythe-Smith series, Hugh was shot and injured in a duel with Daniel Smythe-Smith from "A Night Like This." I'm thinking having an injury is going to make Hugh a serious and brooding character. For some biased reason I'm imagining Colonel Brandon from Sense & Sensibility. As much as I'm looking forward to reading the book, I am a little disappointed in the American cover. While it's not a bad cover, I was hoping that all the Smythe-Smith books would have a "shoe" on them. Both "Just Like Heaven" and "A Night Like This" have shoes on the cover. Why the sudden change?


Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Diesel Sweeties: I'm a Rocker, I Rock Out. by R Stevens.

Diesel Sweeties: I'm a Rocker, I Rock Out.Diesel Sweeties: I'm a Rocker, I Rock Out. by R Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date: August 14, 2013

Received via Netgalley.

"I'm a Rocker, I Rock Out." is a cute, no fuss, no muss, quick read. The main character, Indie Rock Pete, is a rocker, music elitist, and record collector.  The one or two page length strips are mini-jokes, that, seemingly, do not have a interconnected, overarching plot line. In other words, one panel sets up the joke and the next panel is the punch-line, much like newspaper comic strips. If there's a bigger plot, it wasn't apparent to me based on this book alone.

Some of the jokes were hit and miss. I generally found the jokes related to record collecting and liking-bands-BEFORE-they-get-popular to be really funny. Mainly because my brother and husband collect records, and unlike a lot of people, I search the internet for cool, new music instead of waiting for it to find me. Overall, this comic appeals to record collectors, indie music nuts, hipsters, people in a band or those who wish they were. To me, it kinda had a "Scott Pilgrim" feel. Either you get it because music is your scene or you don't.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

Vonze: 5 out of 5

Book Description: (from Goodreads) "A broken-down camper hidden deep in a national forest is the only home fifteen year-old Carey can remember. The trees keep guard over her threadbare existence, with the one bright spot being Carey’s younger sister, Jenessa, who depends on Carey for her very survival. All they have is each other, as their mentally ill mother comes and goes with greater frequency. Until that one fateful day their mother disappears for good, and two strangers arrive. Suddenly, the girls are taken from the woods and thrust into a bright and perplexing new world of high school, clothes and boys.

Now, Carey must face the truth of why her mother abducted her ten years ago, while haunted by a past that won’t let her go… a dark past that hides many a secret, including the reason Jenessa hasn’t spoken a word in over a year. Carey knows she must keep her sister close, and her secrets even closer, or risk watching her new life come crashing down."

My Thoughts: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch is my top surprise find of 2013. The synopsis sounded good, so decide to take a chance on it. What I found was an emotional journey of a strong young woman. The main character, Carey, is a survivor who has to overcome great obstacles as she fits back into normal life. It reminded me a little of the Hunger Games, minus the dystopian elements, because Carey is similar to a contemporary-world Katniss: strong, protective of her little sister, definite mom issues, complete fish-out-water, smart, rural, and not overly girly-girl. I, personally, wonder if the author was inspired by a recent news story about two kids living in an abandoned school bus. Either way, this was a great and quick read for me. As far as contemporary YA novels go, I think this would make a very interesting movie, although paranormal YA movies are in bigger demand.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (19)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme that was created by Breaking the Spine to spotlight a blogger's eagerly anticipated new books.

For this Waiting on Wednesday, I picked Happy Marriage?! Vol. 1 by Maki Enjoji.

Release Date: August 6, 2013

Book Summary: (From "A working-girl romance. In order to help her father, Chiwa Takanashi agrees to an arranged marriage with the company president, Hokuto Mamiya—a man she doesn’t know—at the request of Hokuto’s grandfather. Maki Chiwa believes the arrangement isn’t binding, but her new partner seems to think otherwise. Can two strangers living together find their way to a happy marriage?! Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for mature audiences."

My Thoughts: I'll be honest, after reading and loving "Stepping On Roses" so much, I'm now looking for the next best thing...and this manga sounds like it will fit the bill. Call me a classic girly-girl, but I like modern-day Cinderella-wags-to-riches stories. It sounds like the book will be humorous as fake-husband and fake-wife get to know each other.


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