Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Top Bookworm Delights

My Top Bookworm Delights

Cute Adhesive Flags - Forget bookmarks, I'm all about adorable sticky notes nowadays. They're easy to keep up with and handy to bookmark all your fav quotes.

(found at or B&N)

Visiting New Libraries - You know you're a bookworm when you visit libraries on vacation, lol. It's a free thing to do, they normally have clean restrooms, and you get a unique feel for the city. A city's only as cool as it's library.

Awesome Tees - I love finding cool tees of my favorite books. Surprisingly, they're actually good conversation starters. Especially at conventions and festivals.


Library / Used Bookstore Cats - It's no secret I'm a cat person, real bad, haha. Having the local bookcat wish you "Happy Reading" is purfect.

Getting Books in the Mail - As much I as like going to bookstores, there's something delightful about walking to the mailbox and finding a new or used book has arrived, all wrapped up like a birthday gift.

Book Turned Movie - Most of the time, this excites me. I enjoy the anticipation of what Hollywood will do and comparing it to my own imagination.

Finding Out The Book Is Better Than The Movie - Which is almost, always the case when you see the movie before reading the book.

Books Turned Graphic Novel/Manga - I'm a geek who loves comics, so it's a great combo for me when my fav lit is re-imagined as a graphic novel.

(P&P manga)

Reading Outdoors - Give me a cool breeze, sunshine, the sound of birds singing, and a fun read and I'm good for hours!

FanArt - I guess this goes hand-and-hand with loving comics. There's nothing like finding an awesome fanart of your fav characters by a uniquely talented fellow fan. (Thank you Pinterest and Deviantart!)


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