Monday, September 12, 2016

Decatur Book Festival 2016

Decatur Book Festival 2016

Our attendance at the DBF2016 came down to the wire again! Unfortunately, with residency, Oshie usually has to work holidays. But, luckily, we managed to make it Sunday afternoon.

Our main draw was the Urban Fantasy Panel with Victoria Schwab (This Savage Song) and Zoraida Cordova (Labyrinth Lost).

Oshie and I know Victoria Schwab best for The Shades of Magic series (Darker Shade of MagicA Gathering of Shadows). We both enjoy Kell's character. I've also read Vicious, a very intense adult scifi/fantasy, which came highly recommended.

Sadly, I wasn't familiar with Zoraida Cordova, cause I am so behind on everything lately. However, currently adding her work to my TBR pile. She writes both YA and New Adult (omg, I can't believe her dad reads her work!).

It was a fun panel with tons of good questions (me, I never know what to say). The authors shared stories from their high school and college days, tips for aspiring writes (chocolate, noise apps, workshops), and even mentioned the Internet's fav book site, Goodreads (home sweet home).

Interestingly, Victoria Schwab, who also uses the pen name, V.E. Schwab, shared that female scifi fans often tell her they're glad they didn't know she was a female author; cause they don't read female scifi authors. This really horrified me. Um, what year is it? There's enough sexism without ladies judging other ladies. Wow.

Anyways, afterwards we walked around and checked out all the cool merch. A DBF t-shirt is a must! It's a cool conversation starter, good way to promote the festival, and pairs nicely with leggings. You can even experience the joys of printing your own shirt, making it very hands on.

Aww, I wanted all these! Didn't have room in the car :(

My fav booth was an antique bookseller. Oshie and I are big "old" book nerds. I typically collect classics and old children's books, while Oshie loves dog-eared copies of LOTR and Dune. Here I found a copy of Star Wars to feed my fangirl frenzy.

All shopped out, we ended up at the Food & Cooking stage. I've been meaning to check this stage out for a while, and finally made good on the idea this year. We listened to Rien Fertel read from his book, The One True Barbecue, which chronicles the uniquely southern art of whole hog--America's original barbecue. As former, rural, Southern kids, we appreciated his experiences with the brewhaha between different types of BBQ.

My "take homes" were slim this year. I really had to rein myself in to save money and prepare for our next move. Couldn't resist Medieval Romances and Japanese Tales and Legends though.

Here's to looking forward to DBF2017! Hopefully we'll have more free time in the future.

If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it!

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