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Characters I'd Name A Child After

Characters I'd Name A Child After

Aww, zee babies! So precious! I feel like this is the perfect book blog topic for me. Not cause I'm a mom, but because I'm a true name enthusiast. For years, I've used baby name websites to name characters (for creative writing and video games (Sims)) and even helped moms-to-be brainstorm ideas on forums.

Here some characters names I love and would actually use!


Strider (Lord of the Rings) - So, long story short, my first "we-had-a-baby" dream after Oshie and I married was about a son with an unusual "S" name. Therefore, I've been obsessed with "S" names. After reading The Fellowship of the Ring, I feel in love with the heroic Aragorn's nickname.

Atreyu (The Neverending Story) - I had such a crush on him as a little girl. Oshie has already told me no for this one, lol. If I had my way, I'd probably use it as a middle name...for example, Paul Atreyu. Wait, that might be too much like Paul Atreides from Dune. Hmm.

Atticus (To Kill A Mockingbird) - All-in-all, I think it's cool the name has recently become more popular. I've loved it and wanted to use it since I was a tween. I'm kinda on the fence now with the controversy over "Go Set A Watchman".

St. John (Jane Eyre) - Although he isn't the romantic hero of the book, I was intrigued by the unusual "S" name. Pronounced Sinjun, it's rarely seen in this day and age. However, unfortunately, it would probably be mispronounced all the time.

Oak (Far From The Maddening Crowd) - Having recently seen and read "Far From The Madding Crowd" it's hard not to love Gabriel Oak's character. He's so steadfast, easy-going, and devoted. I know several Gabriels, and although the name is angelic, as a nature-lover, I really like Oak!

Prince (The Little Prince, various fairy tales) - Ok, so this mostly started as a joke between me and Oshie that our son would be a "little prince". However, it's went so far and become such a apart of our conversations that it's kind of grown on Oshie. Still, I'm thinking that people would assume the name was after the musician.

Beowulf (Epic Poem) - Another, mostly joke between me and Oshie. It was an important read during our high school years. There's Wolfgang, so why not Beowulf? With our "word name" last name, it'd make for a baby name of epic styling. Our son would certainly stand out from the crowd.


Anne (Anne of Green Gables) - It has to be Anne with an E! If I have a daughter, I hope she has a great wit and imagination like Anne. My late grandmother also loved the series, so for me, it'd be a way to remember her as well.

Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice) - Although it's a classic name used by Queens and Princesses, I'd be sure to let everyone know the character behind the namesake. Equal parts bold and loyal, Elizabeth is an forgettable character. Here's to hoping I don't turn into Mrs. Bennet.

Estella (Great Expectations) - After watching several film and tv versions of the books and loving the manga, Oshie and I have been impressed by the name. It's both graceful and not commonly used. I hear the character grows and changes, all depending on which ending of the book you read. Apparently, Dickens created two endings!

Alice (Alice In Wonderland, Alice via Twilight) - Never been a fan of the Disney cartoon, but I love the books and the manga it's inspired. In my family, I feel like I'm the over-planner for people's birthdays, weddings, showers, etc., so I kinda identify with Alice Cullen. And, Oshie and I have fun memories of seeing the movies together.

Rey/Rei (Star Wars: TFA, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Mars) - Even my family has suggested we name a girl after the cool Star Wars character. Prior to The Force Awakens movie, books, comics, etc., Oshie and I liked the Japanese name spelled "Rei" after several manga characters. Cute, quick to spell.

Arrietty (The Borrowers) - Oshie was the one who originally suggested this name. It's unique and adorable, while having an elemental feel. She'd probably get nicknamed Arie or Etty, which also stand out from the crowd.

Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) - Odds are, we'd probably have a dark-haired little girl just like the main character. As a baby, my first music box played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," so it has a special place in my heart. Love the nickname Dot and Dottie, too!



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