Saturday, December 31, 2016

In My Mailbox: Christmas 2016

In My Mailbox: Christmas 2016

No, that's not my mailbox, but I wish it was! Seriously, that has to be a farm, cause that's a lot of rope. Wild horses couldn't...ok, they probably could tear me away...

Christmas was too warm and weird. I was beginning to think it was Festivus instead of Christmas Eve. But thankfully for me, books and time with Oshie were the silvering lining to our National Lampoon relatives.

Once again, I took part in TBTB Secret Santa and Geeky Santa Swap via I highly recommend both for great holiday fun.

From Instagram friend @angiepedersen @kcgeeks:

From Oshie and my in-laws, it was a very Beauty and the Beast Christmas:

And from other friends and relatives:

A heartfelt, jolly thank you to all! I can't wait to use, read, and eat (ok, I'll admit I already ate all the candy) everything! Have a joyous 2017!

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