Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Changes In My Reading Life

Changes In My Reading Life

Oh boy, I feel like I'm not the reader I used to be AT ALL.

1.) Bookstores: Unfortunately, the bookstores in my life have changed. For three years I lived within walking distance of a Barnes & Noble. Sometimes I went there 2-3times a day. Since we lived in an apartment, I joked that Barnes & Noble was sorta like our yard. We would go there to get coffee, walk, and browse, and frequently buy. I blogged about this location on my IG tons.

Now I live about an hour's drive from a B & N in each direction. And sometimes their selection isn't as nice or current as my old B & N yard.

To add to the book shopping woe, the Books-A-Million of mine and my husband's childhood and teen years suddenly turned into a 2nd & Charles. I'm not joking when I write it made us feel like a member of our family passed. The change was so sudden, we knew nothing about it, I think we still grieve for the good ole book shopping days; what we were used to. Now, I guess, I should be glad the location still has a life as a 2nd &  Charles. But even though I do shop there sometimes, it feels like a Frankenstein of store.

And my location indie books is a no go as well. Our favorite employee has moved. The owners are busy with another out-of-town location. And the last time I visited, the new employee was rude. She touched my things without asking and laughed about it. I haven't been back.

2.) The Library: The library of my young adult/college years isn't the same either. The last time I went there, I felt like I was going to be robbed at 9am on a weekday.

For the past year, they have been renovating the 1970s building. Maybe the feel and safety of the location will improve when they finish next year?

3.) New Kindle: Yeah, so all that's a bummer. But, on the bright side, my husband and I gifted each other a new Kindle last year. Most of the time, the Kindle editions of books we want to read are more affordable, which helps with homeownership expenses. Since we're not near a good bookstore, the ability to have a new release "day-of" is convenient. I do have Kindle Unlimited and it's introduced me to several helpful ebooks that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. Plus, when one of us wants to stay up late reading, the backlight on the Kindle is more thoughtful than having an actual lamp on all night.

4.) Fiction Reading Burn Out: For 2018 and most of this year I've suffered a major fiction reading burn out. Several books I thought I would personally enjoy either disappointed me or contained triggers and/or tropes I'm not a fan of. I did enjoy some of what I read this year and I was able to savor those few.

5.) Audible Burn Out:  Ditto for Audible. I used to listen to a TON of audible books. But, my husband and I don't long-distance car travel for education/work/visit family anymore. I also used to listen a great deal while I cleaned house, but with Youtube Premium, I decided to take a break and listen to pop-culture videos and podcasts instead.

6.) Increase In My Own Creative Writing: I think with the increase of my own creative writing I've had less time to read, and also, perhaps I'm more critical of the stories I do read. Not, always, the writing or style itself. I see the characters' development or choices as more technical chunks of info, and I get more critical of what the author chooses to do. It's become harder to enjoy the story for the sake of being a reader.

7.) Non-Fiction Reading Fire Up: While I've stalled on fiction reading, my non-fiction reading has increased. I'm in full mom-to-be baby mode and trying to prepare myself the best way I know how. This personal trend will probably continue as I plan to read more parenting books in the near future. I need all the help I can get!

8.) Reading Challenges:  For the first time in nearly ten years, I'm not going to meet my yearly reading challenge. But I'm ok with that. Sometimes it felt great to do other things, put energy into other projects and hobbies, or just rest, instead of constant reading. I started an Etsy store and only read what I really liked.

9.) Clueless About New Books and Series: So, ditto for pretty much knowing none of the books nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards this year. In years past, I was able to suggest an additional book for several of the categories. But, at least, if I feel like it, I can read the best of 2019 in 2020, if I have time...

10.) Transitioning to Mommy Blog: In the next few months and years, I see myself sharing and reviewing more children's books. I've always had a heart for children's lit and I'm looking forward to discovering which titles are my child's favorites. I see myself buying more books for my child and less for myself (other than ebooks.)

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  1. It's too bad your local library and bookstores have changed so much.

    My TTT.



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