About Us

Hello and welcome to this humble little blog! It is my wish that you'll find some interesting reads and recommendations here. You may friend me on Goodreads and Twitter for more frequent updates. I follow fellow book nerds back!

Vonze - Born from a long line of people who enjoy reading, I was destined to become a book nerd. I've always been surrounded by books. Not many people can boast that they pretended their childhood room was a library!

The title "Vonze" isn't my real name, but, rather a combination of my real names. I like to think of it as my rockstar moniker, for one day when fiction becomes a reality, and I'm invited to join an international superstar band. I will play the keytar and glam piccolo. See me center stage left. We might also fight crime on weekends and Canadian tours.

But, back to books. I read and review a wide-range of genres. Romance is a personal favorite. So is non-fiction. I'm also addicted to graphic novels right now. I love scifi and fantasy films, and occasionally I find scifi and fantasy books I connect to as well. As a teen I daydreamed of writing YA and children's books, so I still read from that genre just for fun, and to build a collection for my future family. I'm also big on classics. Mainly because I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Oshie (Pet Husband) - Is an occasional, occasional guest reviewer on a strained schedule. I have asked if I should take his name and pic down, but this makes him exceedingly upset. His intentions are good. He is the giver of many of the books seen here. Our marriage created a library that would rival some small towns. Therefore, he plays a more behind-the-scenes role on Vonze's Reader Blog. Consider his posts to be extra special editions, small cameos you enjoy in films, or rare mythical beasts.

Why ads?
Like many book bloggers, I added ads to support giveaways on this blog. So far, I haven't earned enough to giveaway even one book yet...so please don't think I'm trying to get rich quick!


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