Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to Vonze's Reader Blog

Hello there and welcome to Vonze's Reader Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to inform you of interesting books you might not have heard of, help you avoid crummy ones, serve as book review site, maybe entertain you, and help Vonze not forget all the books she read when she gets old (maybe teach the great-grandkids a thing or two, cause we're all about being hip with generations not even born yet).

The Book Reviewers for this blog include:


(As mentioned in the blog description) Vonze (pronounced Vaughn Zee) is a pseudonym for a young woman who thought she disliked reading, until that is, she graduated high school and saw that from that point she had time to read whatever she wanted. Thus to her friends and family's dismay, she started collecting 100s of books from library sales,,, and

This is her journey to read all these books and review what she thinks of them.


Oshie (no, not a Japanese craft) is a young man who will soon have a license to scramble your brains. But in the meantime, he's just your average heterochromian mastermind. Bookwise, he has much the same problem as Vonze does, so he'll be helping out around here.

Together, this fine young couple will be making a dent in the books on their bookshelves one review at a time.

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