Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Graphic Novels I Wish Existed

So, if you look through this blog or my book list on Goodreads, you'll notice that I love graphic novels just as much as plain ole fashion novels. For the most part, I think it's cool when popular books also come out in graphic novel format (ex: Twilight, Maximum Ride, Pride and Prejudice). Here's a list of books I wish also had graphic novel versions:

1. Harry Potter series...I wish J.K. Rowling would give the greenlight on this! The proceeds would be a great way to raise money for her charities. I love the Harry Potter movies, but sometimes they fell short of my imagination, and I think it'd be great to give it another go with a graphic novel series.

2. The Hunger Games...ditto, with all the action and suspense in this book, it'd make for a great graphic novel.

3. Lord of the Rings...ditto again, I know they made The Hobbit graphic novel...not really a fan of The Hobbit though (Oshie knows I have my reasons).

4. All of Jane Austen's novels...I know Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility have already been turned into graphic novels (even Pride & Prejudice & Zombies), but I'd really like to see a graphic novel version of Emma or Northanger Abbey.

5. Little Women...I swear I had a Little Women anime Christmas special VHS when I was a kid, dunno what happened to it. I know it's really not action-packed, but if they created a graphic novel for P&P and S&S, they surely can turn Little Women into a good graphic novel too. Maybe make Professor Friedrich Bhaer really hot...there's too many "Team Teddy" fans out there.

6. Dealing With Dragons...A princess and a dragon, in the graphic novel world, what's not to love with that combo?

7. The Princess Bride...if it read more like the novel instead of the movie, it would be a fresh take for fans who've never read the original story.

8. The Giver....while not extremely action-packed either, if done right this could be a very moving graphic novel. *Spoiler* Maybe have it in black-and-white until Jonah starts to see bits of the real world.

9. Phantom of the Opera...I love everything to do with the Phantom of the Opera, the book, the music, the movie and the play. If a sexy, well-drawn graphic novel was created, it'd be #1 on my pre-order list!

10. Gone With The Wind...since it's the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, you'd think the Margaret Mitchell estate would have more new releases of the classic coming up and I think a graphic novel, if done right with great sensitivity, and more scenes from the book instead of the movie, would be an interesting take on the story.

11. 1001 Arabian Nights...My husband and I agree this could possibly be a truly great source for an entire series of graphic novels. The depth of imagination invested in these stories combined with the sear volume of old world mythological context would certainly be great to see fully realized in a graphic novel format.

Anyone else know of a great book that would make a good graphic novel? I tried to check and make sure none of the books mentioned are already graphic novels, but if I listed one that already exists, please let me know. Any thoughts or ideas?

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