Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Banned Book Poll Results

Someone requested for me to share the results of the optional poll/discussion question I asked on the Banned Book giveaway form. I hadn't planned on sharing, but I decided to after their suggestion, because I had some interesting responses.

Against Banned Books (Please Spread This Pic & The Text)

I had about 100 people enter the giveaway with 234 entries total with the bonus entries.

Most of the people who entered the giveaway had never been restricted from reading a book. I was glad to read that most of them were encouraged to read whatever they wanted.

Out of those people, however, I counted 16 who said a parent, guardian, or teacher had restricted them or currently restricts them from certain books. One person even wrote that a bookstore clerk had tried to stop them from buying a book and that their parent had to buy the book for them.

Yet, majority of the people who were restricted, also mentioned that their parents or guardians were right to withhold a certain book from them because it was too adult or sensual for them at the time that they wanted to read it. In other words, in hindsight, they now agree with their parents or guardians decision. I'm guessing that means most of them are old enough now to read whatever they want, and have, possibly, read or re-looked at the book they were restricted from.

Most of the people who responded didn't name the title of the book they were restricted from, but out of those who did, Harry Potter was the most listed. This makes me very sad :(. One person made a very good argument, an argument that I've wrote about before, that a parent or guardian shouldn't restrict their kid from reading a book based on hearsay. If they sit down and read through the book themselves and find it has something too adult or violent, or that their kid is too young to understand reality vs. fantasy, then that's different in my opinion. But, sadly, it seems that most parents don't want to take the time judge books for themselves. Since books don't have a standard rating system like movies and television, it's easier for a lot of people to go by what others tell them.

To those of you out there whose parents, guardians, or teachers are currently restricting you from a certain book, I'm sorry. If the book is truly interesting to you, I hope it will still be worth your while to go back and read it when you're older. If it's a good book, it'll still be awesome to you when your older. One person wrote that their parent didn't want them to read vampire books, but now they're able to read all the vampire books that they want. I can really identify with that, because my mom didn't like vampire books either. She didn't restrict me, but she complained about it a lot. However, now that I'm grown, she doesn't have the right to nag me anymore. Hang in there kids, it does get better!

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