Thursday, July 26, 2012

NPR Favorite YA Fiction Poll

Thanks to Miss Print, I just found out about NPR's Favorite YA Fiction Poll. A list of nominated finalists has been compiled, and now every voter has ten votes for his or her favorites from the list. So check it out and go vote for your all-time favorites!

And if your curious here's who I voted for:

Vonze's Votes
1.) Anne of Green Gables - I just started this series a few months ago, and man, I cannot believe I didn't take the time to read it when I was younger. It was stuck in my never-ending To-Be-Read pile, when it should have been on the top.

2.) Crank - I also avoided this one for a long time because it didn't sound like something I would enjoy, teen addiction, even though it came highly recommended. But I won a copy and finally gave in, and was shocked that a book about addiction could be so well done and eloquent. I think I'm better able to empathize with people who overcome addiction now.

3.) Delirium - For me, thought-provoking on the state of personal freedoms.

4.) Harry Potter - No explanation needed.

5.) The Hunger Games - Ditto.

6.) I Capture the Castle - If an author makes me want to throw the book across the room because I care about a character but hate that she's acting stupid, then the author is doing her job - evoking emotion.

7.) The Last Unicorn - So underrated. It was one of my intros to fantasy. I voted for it because it needed some vote love.

8.) The Perks of Being A Wallflower - This one took me back to the 90s, and I loved the '90s, my glory days *le sigh*

9.) The Princess Diaries - I'm really biased on this one, because I discovered Meg Cabot's work around the time that my dad died, and the humor in her writing really helped me through that difficult time.

10.) Twenty Boy Summer - I kinda pre-judged this book too, thinking it was typical teenage boy drama, but it's much better and more than that. It's a story of grief, love, and healing, that pleasantly surprised me.

And, if I'd had more votes, I was torn between voting for: To Kill A Mockingbird (although I think of it as general fiction and not YA), Treasure Island, The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indian, and Howl's Moving Castle


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