Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jane-In-June Review: Cozy Classics Emma by Jack Wang, Holman Wang

Cozy Classics: EmmaCozy Classics: Emma by Jack Wang
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cozy Classics: Emma is a sweet book full of pretty, friendly, soft-looking pictures.

At first I assumed that this would be a child's version of Emma. Much like the Great Illustrated Classic adaptations for kid's that I was familiar with, but in picture book form. However, I was wrong. This book is very much intended for babies, probably the 0 to 2 range. It only has 12 words. So, it doesn't have much use as a baby or toddler grows older, unless they simply like the soft, pretty pictures.

Overall, this book is as much for the parents as it is the baby. It's sorta a novelty item. Is mom crazy about Jane Austen? Is dad a lit nerd or English major? A tag line could read: Use this Cozy Classics to raise that baby right, in a long tradition of classic lit lovers!

But I'll be honest, I'd buy it for my baby. It would make a cute baby shower gift for a bookworm friend. Also collectible for the Austen nerd that has everything.

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