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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Classic Books

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Top Ten Favorite Classic Books

I love classics, they make me feel smart, teach me about the past, make me feel proper, hoity toity, and hipster-ish. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) Tie for 1st place - Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice: Yes, Bronte would probably roll over to know I tied her with Jane Austen...who she famously disliked. However, I can't help it. I can't choose. When I'm in the mood for something gothic and mysterious, I'd tell you Jane Eyre is my favorite. If I'm in the mood for something more light-hearted yet full of family and individual drama, I'd tell you Pride & Prejudice is my favorite. It literately depends on what day it is.

2.) Little Women: I don't have a sister, but I vicariously understand what having one might be like through this novel. Having a little sister like Amy probably would be annoying, but having an older sister like Meg might be fun. My temperament is a lot like Jo's, so I also enjoy her outbursts. 

3.) Anne of Green Gables: Hilarious and sweet, all-in-one. It belongs on every little girl's bookshelf. Anne Shirley is one of my favorite heroines, she's kind, but quirky at the same time.

4.) Sense and Sensibility: More sisterhood! I like Elinor and Marianne, because I see bits of myself in both characters, sometimes too impulsive, sometimes too reserved.

5.) The Secret Garden: At a young age, this book probably contributed to my love of mystery and nature. For a children's book, it has several eerie and haunting elements.

6.) Daddy Long Legs: I think people who've had pen pals can appreciate this novel and Judy's mysterious benefactor who wants letters in return for paying her tuition. To me, it's a little like a old-fashioned, young adult version of "You've Got Mail." Dated, but still charming.

7.) Treasure Island: This novel is a great adventure and a good example of a typical kid who gets caught up in extraordinary events. It's the reason I love pirates! I'm also sentimental about it because it's one of the few books my late father gave me as a child.

8.) Robin Hood: Robin Hood is the definitive good guy, helping those who cannot help themselves while the good king is away. As a kid, I learned a lot about taking a stand, helping others, and old fashioned-romance from Robin Hood.

9.) King Arthur: This one further fueled my love of history. There's something I love about the honor and chivalry of that time. Oh, and everyone should have an awesome Merlin-mentor in their life.

10.) Little House On The Prairie: More sisterhood, hardship, and history (sensing a pattern here?). I always liked Laura because she's high-spirited and seemingly fearless even though her family faces several challenges.

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