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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)

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Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)

(actually visited!)

1.) New Orleans, LA via Interview with the Vampire - although I don't have any personal photographs of my trip on my current computer, Anne Rice's work made me fall in love with the idea of New Orleans. The historical setting, the class, the mystery about it. Her writing made it so real for me and was a great escape. I was very lucky that in 2003, I was allowed to plan a family vacation to the French Quarter. It was my first book-inspired trip.

Monroeville Courthouse with local quilt exhibit (taken by yours truly)
2.) Monroeville, AL via To Kill A Mockingbird - Although the town setting in the book is fictional Maycomb...it is more-or-less based on real life Monroeville. As a child, the movie had a big impact on me, being as it was one of the few VHS tapes my lit parents owned cause they were kinda expensive back in the day. As a child, town reminded me of my own small town and kids could have been me and my cousins...getting into mischief. I have since read the book three times. Once in middle school (on my own, prior to being required), required in high school, and later again in college. Oshie and I had the opportunity to stop over night on the way to a residency interview trip to South Alabama.

Katniss, Peeta Bread, Gale are you out there? (taken by yours truly)
3.) Appalachia/North Carolina via The Hunger Games - Although I'm originally from the foothills of Appalachia, I always wanted to see the North Carolina area in which the first scenes of District 12 were filmed. Although we only drove through on the way to another residency trip, it was very exciting to see. I'd love to spend more time there and maybe even go on a Hunger Games tour.

(want to visit in the future!)

4.) Pemberly (fictional residence of Mr. Darcy) Derbyshire, England via Pride & Prejudice - Sadly, Pemberly does not really exist. However it would be beyond amazing to visit the real life area of Derbyshire. Chatsworth House, the filming location for Pemberly in 2005 P&P, is actually located in Derbyshire and looks beautiful! Hmm, not sure I'd want to leave.

5.) King’s Cross railway station London, England via Harry Potter - While we're on the subject of across the pond, it'd be awesome to see the real life King's Cross in London, England. There's something very magical and almost romantic about old train stations. I've read that there's really a sign for Platform 9 and 3 quarters. There's also a fairly new Harry Potter store at the location.

6.) Scotland via Outlander - And, while we're in the general area, I'd love to visit Scotland, particularly areas that the new Outlander series has been filmed. I believe I've read that a lot of filming is in Edinburgh and Inverness. Although there's not a real Craigh na Dun stone circle to visit and travel through, the area would be beautiful none the less!

7.) Middle-Earth via Lord of The Rings - I'm sure there's plenty of short people with hairy feet out there, but unfortunately Middle-Earth doesn't exist. No elves, no dragons, no Shire :( The next best thing? New Zealand, where the movies were filmed! Literately breathtaking just from the photos.

8.) Nima Sand Museum Kotoghama Beach, Japan via The Sand Chronicles Manga series - The Sand Chronicles manga series uniquely stands out in my mind. It chronicles a girl's life as she visits the Nima Sand Museum over the course of her childhood, young adult, and adult years. The museum houses the world's largest hourglass. If I ever visit Japan, I'd really love to go to this location. 

9.) Prince Edward Island, Canada via Anne of Green Gables - Reading the Anne of Green Gables series, I literally feel like I've been to the places in the books. Avonlea, Ingleside, Summerside, Bolingbroke, etc. Seemingly, from my understanding, these locations are fictional. Yet, they are based on areas that really exist via Prince Edward Island, Canada. Seeing the area for myself would be a great adventure.

10.) Forks, WA via Twilight - Wanting to visit Forks, WA mainly started as a joke between me and Oshie. Living in the deep South, the hot weather really gets to us. One time, Oshie asked my opinion on a rainy, cool area we could move to. I jokingly told him Forks, WA. But the idea stuck and on really hot days we sometimes check the temperature in Forks, WA and sigh. It'd be hilariously fun to actually go there and breath a sigh of cool weather relief.

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