Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Top Ten Book Related Problems
  1. Shelf Space, Shelf Space, Shelf Space - Although I have 5 bookcases in my apartment (4 for me, 1 for Oshie), there's a constant struggle to find room for all the books. I double layer my books, and I have even triple layered shelfs with paperbacks to the point that the third layer is slightly hanging off the shelf.
  2. What To Display? - Another problem with shelf space is what to display on the outer layer for the world to see? Family visiting? Hide those romance novels with the embarrassing covers! Other bookies around? Try to display something that would entertain them.
  3. Where Is It? - A large problem with layering books happens when you can't find one you're looking for. I tilt the outer layer back...nope, still can't find it. Remove all from shelf. Still can't find it. Wait and travel back to hometown, look on the bookshelves there. Nope. Look in the basement, nope. Give up and start reading something else...then randomly find the missing book under the bed or in your backpack.
  4. The Plague of Page Yellowing - There is a method to my book stacking madness. Older paperbacks have to be on the same shelf and kept away from the innocent, new books. Why? Page Yellowing! I try to keep my new books in like new condition for as long as possible. Once, long ago, I placed a new paperback next to a very old and yellowed used paperback. I swear that it speed up the process of the new paperback turning yellow. Like the chemicals on the old cover were absorbed into the new cover...
  5. What To Read In Public? - I tend to over-think things, including what I read in public. In the past, I've often been randomly approached by people who want to know what I am reading and what the story is about. Maybe they're honestly book lovers or maybe they see someone reading and think that person must be bored and needs someone to talk to. Either way, it's easier for me, as an introvert, to tote around an easily-explained conversation piece. It's hard for me to explain my quirky little interests to strangers, so something that has wide appeal saves me from feeling awkward.
  6. Media Mail - I used to trade a lot of books (I'm talking hundreds) through Paperbackwap, Bookmooch, and Swaptree. I was probably nicknamed the "Media Mail Queen" by my hometown post office. However, back in my hometown there was a certain level of trust that everything I was mailing was in fact a book. When I moved to this place, that level of trust was gone and I've actually had postal workers become very hateful and suspicious. A friend suggested that I create my own "clear" book mailers with tape and bubblewrap, but it's not very convenient. So, I try to avoid the post office and media mail unless I'm back in my own stomping ground.
  7. Books To Movies - When you enjoy a book and hype the movie up to others who haven't read it, and they go with you to the theater, and then the movie isn't as good and they sit in judgmental silence...and then you try to explain. Or when filmmakers assume all viewers have read the book and don't do a good job of transitioning scenes, and others lean-in during the movie and want you to explain what is happening and you try to whisper, but they still can't hear you.
  8. Glasses - I don't mind wearing glasses, in fact, I feel that they fit my personality. However, it's kinda sad when you have two pairs of glasses and suddenly when you want to read, you can't find either pair. Should I send out a search party or risk really red eyes?
  9. Time For Bed - I am a reformed night owl. In my teens and early twenties, I would stay up reading 1am...2am...5am...yes, it's true. There's something so peaceful about the quiet of night and a good book. But, in the end, it catches up with you and it's not healthy. One reason I still need tons of eye concealer. Glasses, when I can find them, kinda help hide the dark circles.
  10. Bookmarks - I know I have plenty of bookmarks...somewhere. But until I find them, probably in the same imaginary number space as my glasses and that book I'm looking for, any piece of paper can be used as a bookmark. A postcard, magazine subscription inserts, stamps, business cards, sticky notes, ticket stubs, a store receipt, an envelope, a sheet of return address labels, coupons.

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