Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In My Mailbox: June/beginning of July 2015

In My Mailbox: June/beginning of July 2015

It's been a good summer so far with a mix of hot and tolerable weather. Yeah, I wish my real mailbox was that cool!

Here's a picture of my latest incomings, a mix of bookstore, borrowing, swapping, and used finds. As I mentioned before, Emma was great. Far From the Madding Crowd is high on my to-read list. A Knight in Shining Armor was a lucky find; I challenged myself to read 'x' amount of medieval romance this year and so far I haven't finished any. Recently, I found two Louisa May Alcott bios. You can't go wrong with Meg Cabot and anything surrounding The Sound of Music.

A shot of Oshie's recent finds. As always, Warhammer, chess, and scifi :) (I know you like our snowflake pattern in July!)

And sweet Oshie surprised me with this Life magazine covering 'To Kill A Mockingbird,' which I just visited re-read a few days ago. I'm super hyped and curious about 'Go Set A Watchman.' Love the cover! Gregory Peck is perfect as Atticus. When I read the book I always imagine him playing out the chapters.

I was so lucky and happy to win a Far From the Madding Crowd prize pack from @Marcus_Theatres via Twitter!  Oshie and I really wanted to buy the score and I had eyeballed several tote bags on Ebay. But, I was putting it off to save money for other things. I couldn't believe I'd won! Now I can show the book and movie off to everyone in style!

A few weeks ago, I reviewed The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs. In the Resources section, I found a great link to the International Geek Girl Pen Pals. And from there, I learned about a Fictional Lost Post Swap on the forum. It sounded fun and a good fit for book blogging and creative writing. The other day I was so excited to see a note addressed to "Ms. Hermione Granger-Weasley" :D @amavongeek created the perfect swap for me! She wrote to Hermione as Rita Skeeter and completely cracked us up! I have always wanted a time-turner and Oshie is totally going take the otter away (he really likes otters!) Really want to re-watch all the movies now.

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