Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First SightThe Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story was a fun and quick escape. If you can't hop a plane to Jolly England, consider it a consolation prize.

I was seeking some comfort-foodesque chick-lit, what I found was a much deeper story than I first realized. Hadley is on the way to her father's wedding. As she misses her scheduled flight, it's clear that the first time she will meet her to-be stepmother will be the day of the wedding. Talk about awkward.

Being of the Lindsey Lohan "Parent Trap" generation, I imagined that something would go wrong with the wedding, or the father would suddenly realize that the to-be stepmother is a horrible person, or she'd just skip the whole wedding to hang with the sweet guy on the plane.

Refreshingly, the story took a braver approach. Through the next twenty-four hours, Hadley, aided by Oliver, the boy on the plane who is easy to talk to, realizes the importance of facing the family awkwardness, having unconditional love for one's family, and supporting the happiness of others. Wonderfully mature. And although the true statistical probability of love at first sight might be slim, the story handles meeting an amazing someone new like a pro.

I hope to read more from Jennifer E. Smith in the future!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Top Ten Books for Halloween

My Top Ten Books for Halloween

Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice - If you're looking for a serious vampire story, no romance necessary, Anne Rice is your lady. The book takes you on a journey as Louis adjusts to his life as a tortured vampire. It's a modern classic.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris - If you're looking for vampire love Southern style, Dead Until Dark is your book. Contains mature content. I probably won't finish the series because I've heard too many unfortunate spoilers. But the first book is thrilling.

The Art of Seducing A Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #2) by Molly Harper - If a romantic comedy is more your thing, I highly recommend this series! #2 is my favorite, because in my experience, there's not a lot of stories about lady werewolves. Also contains mature content.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Ah, the combination of a beloved classic and, well, creatures that are gross. But I get the obtuse humor behind it! Read it now before the movie comes out. I can't wait. I love Regency England, even when there's zombies.

Millennium Snow series by Bisco Hatori - If a paranormal manga with comedic elements is more your thing, I recommend Millennium Snow. After Volumes 1 and 2, the series went on hiatus for years, but happily, the author finally finished it.

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White - There's lots of rumors about a lady Ghostbusters' movie in the works. Well, until then, Paranormalcy is a very cute story about a girl fighting paranormal creatures, while trying to have a normal life.

The Watcher In The Woods by Florence Engel Randall - Travel back to the 1970s in this classic YA that inspired an eerie Disney movie. Nowadays, it's part time capsule, but also an entertainingly dramatic little read.

Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell - For those not into paranormal hokus pokus, Winter's Bone is a dark and haunting backwoods story that could be a true crime special.

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe - If you like classics, this story is great for reading aloud in the dark with friends. Be sure to download a racing heart sound effect to creep everyone out!

The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead - If you love vampire lore and vampire characters in general, this book is a great resource. I have the 1998 edition, I'm sure there's been lots of updates since then (Truth Blood, Twilight, Vampire Academy, Vampire Knight, The Vampire Diaries, etc.).

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top Ten Author Duos I'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together

Top Ten Author Duos I'd LOVE To See Write A Book Together

Felicia Day and Rainbow Rowell - Fangirls unite! Both authors capture the ups and downs of being a geeky girl so well that they should really team up.

Meg Cabot and Tina Fey - Both of these ladies crack me up and I could really see their styles working together for a hilarious duo.

J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins - It'll probably never happen, but could you imagine the interesting world, characters, and themes these two ladies could create together??

Brian K. Vaughn + Fiona Staples and George R. R. Martin - Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples are the duo behind the graphic novel epic "Saga". George R.R. Martin, of course, is the author behind the wildly popular "Game of Thrones". Although I'm personally a prude towards a lot of the adult content in both, each individual has created a universe and characters who are very refreshing to me. As a team, they would create an epic scifi fantasy graphic novel.

Nicholas Sparks and Kristin Hannah - This team could write an epic contemporary romance. Both authors are good at breaking your heart, but at the same time, making you love the character's journey.

Julianne Donaldson and Rachel Hauck - Hands down, these ladies are my favorite clean romance authors! Their characters are charming and relatable, while the plots are fun and uplifting. They should hang out!

V.E. Schwab and Juliet Marillier - Brining these two together, could possibly create the most uniquely beautiful fantasy story ever.

Gail Carson Levine and Robin McKinley - Who else would love these classic, old school YA fantasy authors pairing up for an awesome adventure? It would be magical.

Jeffrey Brown and Ernest Cline - Jeffrey Brown is author of the super cute Darth Vader children's books, and Ernest Cline is both an author and the screenwriter of the Star Wars related "Fanboys" movie. Together they could create something fan-tastically Star Wars or unique on their own.

Stacy King and The Bronte Sisters - Although the Brontes are no longer with us, as a classic lit AND manga nerd, I've really enjoyed Stacy King's Manga Classics series thus far. Fingers crossed she'll be *working with* the Brontes sooner than later!


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