Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Top OTPs (Past and Current)

My Top OTPs

Ah, shipping, when you enjoy a series and want certain romantic pairings to become canon! Here's some of my favorites, old and new. Just in time for Valentine's Day.


1.) Elizabeth & Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) - With me, if you know me, this is a given. It had to be. It was destined to be, as sure as the sun will shine, the Regency Cinderella had to have her Prince. All the coolness, the pride, the prejudice, the prejudice and pride. I scarcely remember the days when I did not know this OTP. But, even now, I never grow tired of it.

2.) Jane & Edward (Jane Eyre) - I remember reading this with my jaw dropping. I had no earthly idea how the characters were going to get past the issue in the attic. I wanted them together, but it was, unfairly, impossible. Worrying how it would end, was one of my top reading moments, ever. So much love, so much misfortune.

3.) Katniss & Peeta (The Hunger Games series) - I called this one a long time ago. I remember wanting to add a "Team Peeta" banner to this blog, back before the "Mockingjay" novel was released. I kept hoping for their "pretend romance" to be real! Peeta cared so much about her from the start and it was painful to watch her ignore him. Gale was nice, but as a person, he didn't really help Katniss to grow as a character. The ending of the Mockingjay Part II was especially sweet when we saw both "Peeta bread" babies.

4.) Bathsheba & Gabriel (Far From The Madding Crowd) - I admit I still, still need to read the book. But since they were originally novel characters, and you-just-don't-know how hard I shipped them during my first viewing of the movie, I'm gonna include them. Sometimes a girl needs to really think about what's best for her. Mr. Gabriel Oak is the awesome. My hero. Go watch the movie and read the book!!

5.) Sumi & Soichiro (Stepping on Roses) - I got so wrapped up in this manga, it was nerve wrecking waiting to find out the end, and I had to wait years. Again, it was a case of "pretend" romance turned real. For a while, it seemed like another suitor would have been nicer to Sumi. But I hoped and hoped that Soichiro would get over himself and get in touch with his emotions (again, I'm about character growth).

6.) Leah Clearwater & Jacob Black (Twilight) - It was clear to me, once Edward returned to Bella, it was going to be Bella & Edward...she never flip-flopped. So, in return, I wanted Jacob's character to be happy and not merely the sad cast-off. To me, there was a lot of potential for a Leah & Jacob pairing. They were in the same pack, they both lost their first love. Anything, anything, but Renesmee!

7.) Snape & Lily (Harry Potter series) - Talk about complicated unconditional love. Snape is the tragic romantic hero of our time. I know Lily died to protect her son and that action created a powerful magic for Harry. Yet, part of me wished that Lily had somehow survived to magically find her son and reconnect with Snape, who redeemed himself through his love for her. RIP to actor Alan Rickman, who I'll always remember in this role, and for Colonel Brandon via Sense & Sensibility (1995).


1.) Rey & Ben Solo (Kylo Ren)(Star Wars novelization) - Okay, I'm aware that most fans think they're cousins...or siblings, if, potentially, that Han and Leia had a forgotten daughter. But I hope it's not true! The "lost" family plot has been done. I, personally, hope Rey is a Kenobi or merely a "new" Force sensitive character of no relation to anyone. Ultimately, some of our heroes efforts are wasted if Kylo Ren isn't redeemed/doesn't return to the light side. He's proven that his family doesn't matter to him anymore, so what else will save him except love? For me, this pairing helps both characters to change. I'm on this ship until it sinks!

2.) Alana & Marko (Saga series) [mature audiences only]- Saga is a great space opera heavily influenced by Star Wars. At times, the content is very mature and violent. However, I keep reading because of the unique love story between the main characters, Alana and Marko, who continually risk their lives to be together and protect their young daughter, Hazel. I'm holding my breath that the couple can retire somewhere peacefully in the end.

3.) Claire and Jamie (Outlander series) - This couple stresses me out! Just when I think everything will work out fine for them, the author throws them yet another challenge. The odds always feel stacked against them. Much like, Alana and Marko, I hope Claire and Jamie can retire happily ever after someday...I have several books to read in this series before I can find out.

4.) Kyoko & Ren (Skip Beat) - I started the Skip Beat series at the end of 2015. Overall, it's a comical look at the old show business game, and makes me nostalgic for the days my friends and I dreamed of being pop idols or dating one. Kyoko gives up everything to help her former love, Sho, make it big in show biz. When he casts her aside, she vows revenge. Some readers might hope Kyoko and Sho are able to reconcile in the future. Personally, I see sparks flying between Kyoko and Sho's acting rival, Ren. I've gotta keep reading to find out.

5.) Kell & Lila (A Darker Shade of Magic) - As I've mentioned in other posts at the end of 2015, I am eagerly waiting their sequel. These two must be together! So much witty dialog and tension. Lila has the right amount of sass to rival Kell's magic. They must see each other again!

6.) Abigail & William (Secret of Pembrooke Park) - As I work on this blog post, I'm currently reading this story. Miss Abigail seems to be gaining more suitors, but I love the sweet moments between her and William Chapman. They need to confess their love and solve the secret of Pembrooke park asap!


  1. I love Peeta and Katniss too!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/top-ten-tuesday-43/

    1. Yes, they are lovely! :) Thanks for stopping by!



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