Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top Ten Books I Was "Forced" to Read

Top Ten Books I Was "Forced" to Read

How's the summer reading list going? I feel like kids have it lucky these days. I've crossed paths with people who were "forced" to read fun stuff like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Harry Potter. Here's the worst and best of my "assigned reading" days.

The Worst:

Moby Dick - Oh man, few books can strike fear into my heart like this one. So slow. Let's go watch paint dry and come back. I appreciate the allegory, but I recently watched "The Heart of the Sea" and had phantom pains. Maybe I just love whales too much to see them killed...

Death Of A Salesmen - Oh why did have to be assigned to read it twice?? The grandfather of all realistic "slice-of-life" family dramas. I appreciated it more the second time around, but seriously.

Ethan Frome - Like Days Of Our Lives, so is the scandal this man causes. It's a page-turner towards the end, but I still fail to see why my school thought this was a good choice for teenagers.

Where The Red Fern Grows - As if reading about the sweet dogs once wasn't enough, I had to bear the pain twice. Great story...except for the ending. I guess it's a heartbreaking right of passage.

The Odyssey - Some parts are very exciting, but anything involving Greek gods typically leaves me feeling overwhelmed. Kinda like jumping into a comic series and knowing the characters all have complex backstories, but it would take forever to fully understand it.

The Best:

The Once and Future King - Having loved Disney's "Sword in the Stone," "First Knight" starring Richard Gene and Sean Connery, and seeing the musical of "Camelot", this was perfect for me. I have a soft spot in my heart for medieval times.

To Kill A Mockingbird - Ditto, as I was introduced to the movie very young. An easy read for a Southern gal who ran around her small town neighborhood with her cousins all summer long. We never ran into the drama of this book, but the simple, adventurous spirit was there.

The Diary of Anne Frank - Heartbreaking, but an important, relatable book for teenage girls. By the end of it, she feels like your pen pal. It gives a face and voice to the horrors of war.

Hatchet - Again, growing up in the rural South, this was a big deal. Our teacher actually invited a survival expert to speak to us after we finished the novel. We were prepped and ready to survive the Hunger Games, before the Hunger Games existed...great fun.

The Hobbit - Imaginative adventure and wonderful writer. I enjoyed it, but that ending...*spoiler alert* Bilbo and his blackout...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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