Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Books That Make Me Nolgastic For Back To School

Books That Make Me Nolgastic For Back To School

Harry Potter - Really captures the whole school experience. Especially, going back to school, the thrill of getting all the new supplies and catching up with friends you haven't seen in months.

The Princess Diaries - Although I didn't write in a physical journal at school, I did rush to the computer as often as I could to update my former livejournal account, Mia style. I could be seen reading and re-reading this series between class.

Twilight - Regardless if you liked the romance or not, for me, the book took me back to all the lunchroom and parking lot drama that was high school.

Fangirl - Ah, those first college days, when my biggest concerns were how to pass my classes and finish NaNoWriMo in November amidst Thanksgiving break.

Thesaurus - Seeing a thesaurus always makes me think of back-to-school shopping. Nowadays I just google a word searching for synonyms.

How To Draw Manga - Granted, I'm still not good at drawing manga style, but I read a lot of these books to improve my technique. I was always secretly drawing characters in class.

Collected Shakespeare - From middle school onward, my class read a play every year. His work feels synonymous with English class.

Collected Emily Dickinson Poetry - I'll never forgot the first time my friends and I read "I heard a fly buzz when I died" our minds were blown by the slight absurdity. I learned to love it though. Still takes me back.

Goosebumps series - Anytime I see a Goosebumps title, be it in a bookstore or, haha, an antique store, I remember how popular they were during my elementary school days.

Choose Your Own Adventure series - Ditto with this series! Before smartphones and Gameboy DS was allowed at school, this was the only way I was having an adventure in class.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Jane Austen Coloring Book (Manga Classics)

Jane Austen Coloring Book (Manga Classics)

by Jane Austen (Author), Erik Ko (Editor)

Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher: Udon Entertainment; Clr Csm edition (April 5, 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1927925782

Summary: (From Amazon) "Manga Classics proudly presents our first coloring book collection of artwork from our critically acclaimed manga adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility. Relive some of the best moments from your favorite Austen stories with our Manga Classics Jane Austen Coloring Book.
Inside this wonderful coloring book you’ll discover over 40 beautifully illustrated pages featuring: Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and others from Pride and Prejudice. For fans of Emma, there is our heroine Emma Woodhouse as well as Jane Fairfax, Mr. Frank Churchill, and George Knightley. We also include the Dashwood sisters Elinor and Marianne along with Edward Ferrars and John Willoughby- all from Sense and Sensibility."

Vonze: 4 out of 5

My Thoughts: I really wanted to get this up for a Jane-in-June or Jane-In-July!...but needless to say, with NaNoWriMo and travel, it didn't happen. =(

Anyhow, I love this coloring book! Granted, I'm super biased for it, being both a fangirl for Jane Austen and manga. Add my love of art, and the fact I do find coloring to be relaxing, and yeah, it's perfect for me. The manga style makes me feel nolgastic for Sailor Moon and the Little Women anime from the 80s.

 (My work in progress...) My favorite pages, if you couldn't guess, are the ones with Elizabeth and Darcy.

Although I am enjoying it, my one complaint is the book greatly lacks pivotal and/or romantic scenes from the novels.

You get a lot of pretty pages with characters, several with Elinor and Marianne, but not a lot of pages from the actual story. It's almost like the coloring book itself is spoiler free. You could color the whole thing, without ever having read Austen and you still wouldn't know the plot.

Which, granted, would work out well if you haven't read one of the novels. But, as a fan, I'd assume you'd want to color the most dramatic moments.

So, that's the reason I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. Otherwise, it's very lovely and detailed. Lots of flowers and small areas that require careful detailing. It would make a good gift for the Austen fan who has everything.

Aside from the pages, I also love the bookmarks in the back! I'm planning to make copies of the bookmark pages, color them, and turn them into laminated bookmarks. I always need more bookmarks in my life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR) From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven't Read Yet

Ten Books That Have Been On Your Shelf (Or TBR) From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven't Read Yet

This is just sad, cause I literally have hundreds from before 2010...and most the books I've picked for Waiting on Wednesday since then (ekk). Procrastinators Unite...Tomorrow!

The Count of Monte Cristo - Was the first book I added to my Goodreads to-read list. I've enjoyed the movie and the anime series...but I've yet to read it and discover the many differences.

A Wrinkle In Time - It's a classic. Oshie even owns a copy and I've started it several times, but never finished. It's one that always remains on my back-burner.

The Uglies Series - Back in 2010 this series was everywhere. I read and heard good things about it. I generally like YA scifi/dsytopia, however I've never cracked it open.

Life of Pi - It comes highly recommended. Yet, after the movie came out, I sorta forgot about it.

The Book of Merlyn - After reading The Once And Future King in high school, I promised myself I'd continue the series with this book. And that's been a long, long, time ago....

A Series of Unfortunate Events - I intended to read this after Harry Potter, but never did. Again, the movie kinda pushed it further down my to-read list.

The Time Traveler's Wife - I like time travel, I like romance, and scifi/fantasy. Several of my friends read this and recommended it. I enjoyed the movie. But, me reading this bestseller still hasn't happened.

The Grand Sophy - Since adding this book to my to-read this I've enjoyed another novel by Heyer. Her work is awesomely Austen-esque. I've read that The Grand Sophy is one of her best, so I still need to check it out.

Les Miserables - Love, love the musical! I'll get around to tackling this juggernaut of a book one day...

The Phantom of the Opera - Ditto for this book! I have a copy, but there's just so much to read and so little time.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildHarry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You've probably read dozens of reviews for this book/play by now...anyhow, here's mine!

I guess, we can ignore that, months and months ago, I was immediately disappointed to learn this was going to be a play and not a novel. I mean, I was happy to have new Harry Potter canon in any form. It just wasn't my ideal form.

Without J.K.'s beautiful descriptions, it took a little bit for the story to feel Potter-esque. But once it got going, I didn't really miss Harry as the main character so much. Once they got to Hogwarts, I was cool with following Albus and Scorpius. (Totally shipping Scorpius and Rose now, btw). I never thought I'd like a Malfoy, but Scorpius is a lovable dork.

Oddly enough, I actually ended up liking everyone but Harry in the story. Wow. Harry is old and kinda a dummy. He's "the man" now and has forgotten all the mischief he got into as a kid. Even though Harry saved Draco, doesn't have a problem with Albus being in Slytherin, and wants to honor Snape, he hates Scorpius based on rumors. Did Harry forget all the rumors that followed his path to adulthood? Anyhow, I suspended my belief. I might could have understood if Ginny didn't like Scorpius, based on her history being manipulated by Riddle's Diary and cause Malfoy was never nice to the Weasley family. I guess I thought Harry would know better. Anyhow, for the sake of the story, ok.

Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The time-turner was one of my favorite elements in the Harry Potter universe, and I was glad to see it back. Parts of the book were hilarious. The rest of the plot although shocking, felt right. It left me wanting another book/play/movie. Here's to hoping I can see the play someday or there's a movie in the works. Maybe even a movie of the play.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Ten Facts About Me

Ten Facts About Me

Gah, I meant to have this up last month, but got too distracted by Camp Nanowrimo and summertime heat wave.

In the past five years, I've went from being plus size to ideal weight for my height. It was hard work and a long journey, but I'm proof that if you stick with it, it can be done. I'm playing with the idea of writing an inspirational blog about it.

Speaking of starting new projects...I tend to spread myself thinly. Along with dabbling in blogging, I'm also into photography, NaNoWriMo, perler art, ancestry research, snail mail, collecting, EXERCISE, my bucketlist, classic movies, creative writing, cooking, shopping, adult coloring, on top of READING. So a lot of times I do a little of each and it ends up looking like I haven't updated anything.

And speaking of exercise, to stay healthy, I workout everyday. Exercise used to be a chore for me, until I discovered the Apple Music Membership and an endless catalog of new songs to workout with. That, and XHIT Daily. All the workouts you could ever want, for free.

When I'm not reading or blogging, I'm the wife of a frazzled medical resident. Most of my time is dedicated to him and tender loving care.

I've finally accepted that I have eccentric tastes in reading and blogging. I started this blog to focus on YA and children's books...but I end up reviewing everything from graphic novels to classics to historical romance. I guess it's a good thing I named this Vonze's Reader Blog, cause it covers all the stuff I'm into.

I discovered the joy of graphic novels while fighting through panic attacks. I love art and find it very relaxing, so interestingly enough, I found reading comics to be very calming. Now I'm hooked.

I used to judge people who read manga. I was under the impression that manga was exactly the same as the title's anime series, and therefore, a waste of time. Slowly, I came around and now I pretty much only read manga. Total 360.

I would secretly like to have a YouTube channel, do fan vids, and also have a webcomic...but I just haven't found a way to balance the effort to do it right. Poor time management skills.

I watch a lot of movies. As many books as I've read, I've probably watch five times as many movies. I wanted to be a director as a kid. Also debated if I should have a Vonze's Movie Blog...but yeah, managing the time to do it right.

If you haven't already assumed that I'm a fangirl, I guess it's safe to admit that I'd secretly like to get into cosplay photography. I love costumes, taking photos, and I'm nostalgic for great characters.


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