Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Ten Facts About Me

Ten Facts About Me

Gah, I meant to have this up last month, but got too distracted by Camp Nanowrimo and summertime heat wave.

In the past five years, I've went from being plus size to ideal weight for my height. It was hard work and a long journey, but I'm proof that if you stick with it, it can be done. I'm playing with the idea of writing an inspirational blog about it.

Speaking of starting new projects...I tend to spread myself thinly. Along with dabbling in blogging, I'm also into photography, NaNoWriMo, perler art, ancestry research, snail mail, collecting, EXERCISE, my bucketlist, classic movies, creative writing, cooking, shopping, adult coloring, on top of READING. So a lot of times I do a little of each and it ends up looking like I haven't updated anything.

And speaking of exercise, to stay healthy, I workout everyday. Exercise used to be a chore for me, until I discovered the Apple Music Membership and an endless catalog of new songs to workout with. That, and XHIT Daily. All the workouts you could ever want, for free.

When I'm not reading or blogging, I'm the wife of a frazzled medical resident. Most of my time is dedicated to him and tender loving care.

I've finally accepted that I have eccentric tastes in reading and blogging. I started this blog to focus on YA and children's books...but I end up reviewing everything from graphic novels to classics to historical romance. I guess it's a good thing I named this Vonze's Reader Blog, cause it covers all the stuff I'm into.

I discovered the joy of graphic novels while fighting through panic attacks. I love art and find it very relaxing, so interestingly enough, I found reading comics to be very calming. Now I'm hooked.

I used to judge people who read manga. I was under the impression that manga was exactly the same as the title's anime series, and therefore, a waste of time. Slowly, I came around and now I pretty much only read manga. Total 360.

I would secretly like to have a YouTube channel, do fan vids, and also have a webcomic...but I just haven't found a way to balance the effort to do it right. Poor time management skills.

I watch a lot of movies. As many books as I've read, I've probably watch five times as many movies. I wanted to be a director as a kid. Also debated if I should have a Vonze's Movie Blog...but yeah, managing the time to do it right.

If you haven't already assumed that I'm a fangirl, I guess it's safe to admit that I'd secretly like to get into cosplay photography. I love costumes, taking photos, and I'm nostalgic for great characters.


  1. I'm the same when it comes to watching movies. I LOVE THEM! :D I've probably watched more movies than I've read books! I love me a good romantic comedy ;) Great Top Ten! :D
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Oo me, too! I've been watching movies from AFI's 100 Passions list, a lot good romantic oldies on there ;D

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