Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Top Ten: Favorite Bookmarks

 Favorite Bookmarks 

Ah, bookmarks. Those book page saving lil heroes that I can never get enough of. (I'm assuming this week's top ten meant bookmarks for books and not bookmarks on a computer browser or the more updated pins on Pinterest.)

Sticky page tabs have quickly become my favorite bookmarks, especially to mark my favorite scenes so I can quickly return to them.

Girl of All Work has the cutest classic character designs. I've been known to use Darcy to mark the hero scenes and Elizabeth to mark the heroine's.

The last bookmark I bought for myself after seeing a user post it on Tumblr: gotta have my sequel trilogy Rey and Kylo Ben fix.

3. Stick Marker

I've found these adorable little page markers make cute birthday gifts.

4.  99 Problems Beaded Bookmark

I got this one from B&N several, several years ago. It made me laugh. Although I do still have book problems, like looking at my TBR and thinking I have nothing to read.

5. I-Clips

I like i-clips, but I don't actually own all that many of them. I bought these back during the height of Downton Abbey.

6.  Movie Bookmarks

I was very happy to receive these as a Christmas gift one year. Super excited about a new Hunger Games novel, too.

7. Movie ticket stubs

And speaking of movies, I've actually used movie ticket stubs to make my place quite often. Only nowadays most theaters don't have nice thick cardstock stubs anymore. But I can see their reasoning that most people don't reuse or recycle them.

8. Emoji Sticky Notes

I have used emoji sticky notes before, but they're a little on the large side. They're good for a typical bookmark to move from page to page while reading. Not so good for annotating.

9. Postcard

From time to time, I'll get a postcard that I really like and somehow it just ends up being a bookmark.

10. A receipt

And, when in desperation, there have been times in the past that I used a store receipt as bookmark. Notsomuch now, because I try to file them away for taxes asap.

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  1. Movie ticket stubs and receipts are great bookmarks.

    My TTT.



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