Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection - Secret Santa and Other Gifts


Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection - Secret Santa and Other Gifts

This week is a special one, as it allows me to share this much-delayed holiday post! Between motherhood, life, and writing - plus the unexpected setback of losing then finding my phone again - I hadn't been able to put these thoughts together until now. It's finally here – let’s take a look back at my holiday gifts. Although the holidays have been long gone, I'm grateful to take this opportunity and show my appreciation to my Secret Santas!

My TBTB Santa Goodies!! A super thank you to my Santa. You picked great gifts for me. Thank you so much for the books on my wishlist. I'm actually still using the Christmas mug to drink coffee, keeps the spirit of the season alive. I burned through the candle pretty quickly and the scrapbooking supplies are perfect.

I also enjoyed iggppc's #geekysantaswap. This year I was so happy to receive super cool Batman graphic novels and cute stickers. Geeky Santa, I thank you very much!

Bookish gifts from family and friends for my birthday and Christmas. Including: A beautiful outdoorsy planner from B&N, sci-fi short stories and nerd stuff, writerly gifts, and toddler fun for next Christmas season.


  1. How fun! Looks like you got some great items that you really loved. And I love that you're still using your Christmas mug :)

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!

  2. TBTB Secret Santa is my favorite Christmas thing. I'm glad you got so many great gifts.