Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Costumes For The Very Bookish

Halloween Costumes For The Very Bookish

In past, I've done characters I'd like to costume/cosplay. This year, I'm recommending some offbeat ones that non-bookish people may or may not "get".

Jane Austen - Oh, to own a Regency style dress, throw out Pride & Prejudice quotes, and offer people autographs with a quill!

Bambi - Doesn't everyone love Bambi?? I had a lot of fun reading and writing the review for the classic. Cool example found on Pinterest!

Boo Radley - Southern Literature's man of mystery. Also fairly easy to pull off, just add newspaper, scissors, and maybe some soap dolls.

Edgar Allan Poe's Raven - Be sure to rap at people's door and cry "Nevermore!"

Edgar Allan Poe's Purloined Letter - Not to be outdone by spooky birds, you could also be Poe's mysterious lost letter. Be sure to hide out in the open! I couldn't find an example...but this idea would work if you make it more "antique" looking...

Hogwart's Sorting Hat - Why be judged by the hat, when you can be the hat? Have fun labeling people into groups all night long. Thanks, cosplay dot com.

The Eye of Sauron - Nothing's more creepy than keeping an eye on all Middle-Earth, especially hobbits. Photo credit from Kerry My Heart blog.

Buttercup the Cat - Forget Katniss, Buttercup is the real survivor of The Hunger Games series!

The Twilight Apple - I guess one could argue that the whole series started with that fateful apple...be sure to add some glitter to dazzle everyone.

Dune's Giant Sandworm Shai Hulud - Thank you, instructables.com for actually having this costume! Be sure to have sugar and spice and everything nice for your fellow party go-ers.

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